Our innovative, specially designed online accounting certificate program allows you to take full advantage of the quality courses for which UConn is so well known combined with the flexibility of a primarily asynchronous online education. While our program is primarily asynchronous there are synchronous activities in all Accounting Fundamental courses that require you to be online at specified times, examples of these are an exam that must be completed by all students in a class during a 3-hour window or required group meeting times, where you meet with your group during an agreed upon time during the week.

Fall Semester

  • ACCT 5122 Financial Reporting I, This is the first of a two course sequence covering Intermediate Accounting. Topics covered will include financial accounting theory and practical applications as related to the preparation and analysis of financial statements, particularly focusing on assets, liabilities, owners’ equity and income determination.
  • ACCT 5243 Assurance Services, An in-depth study of issues relevant to the public accounting profession, including legal liability and ethics, audit risk analysis, planning of audit engagements, auditor reports, and other assurance services and reports.  Students will learn to think critically about issues facing the accounting profession primarily by analyzing cases and completing a number of individual and group research projects.

Spring Semester

  • ACCT 5124 Financial Reporting II, This is the second course of a two part sequence covering Intermediate Accounting. Topics include studying the accounting and disclosure of pensions, investments, current liabilities, bonds and long term notes, leases and intangibles.
  • ACCT 5260 Federal Income Tax, A study of the fundamentals of Federal income taxation for individuals and related issues of compliance, reporting, and planning. This course focuses on income and deduction recognition, character, and timing and includes the tax treatment of property, investments, compensation, retirement, and estates.